Lieutenant Benjamin Haneni

Lieutenant Benjamin Haneniסגן בנימין (בני) חנני ז”ל

Benjamin (Benny) was raised in Jerusalem, the son of Esther and Israel, who emigrated from Europe. His mother’s family all perished in the Holocaust. He devoted most of his time to the “Bnei Akiva” youth movement, hiking, and playing music. He chose to go to a Yeshiva high school, “Kfar Maimon,” in the Negev. There, in the Negev, he began to write poems and letters to people close to him. Benny’s mother, with whom he had a very close relationship, was diagnosed with cancer and died towards the end of his high school years.

Before the end of his mother’s mourning period, Benny joined the Nahal. In basic training, Benny was the first to be chosen for commander’s school. He decided to pass and to stay with his Nahal friends in the settlement, El Al, located in the Golan Heights. After a year, he started his military service as a Nahal paratrooper and continued on to officers’ training.

On the morning of Yom Kippur, Benny was at Ramat Magsheimim and was called for action halfway through morning prayers. The Syrians attacked several outposts, including the Tel Saki, where several of Benny’s friends were captured. Benny, who was a squad leader, asked the battalion commander permission to leave with two armored cars to rescue his friends, even though he knew the size of Syrian forces against him. In this battle, Benny was killed along with almost all the forces that were with him. After his death, Benny was raised to lieutenant and was awarded a medal of valor, courage, and heroism for his brave attempt to save his friends.

One of Those / Liran Danino

One of those loving girls,
One of those in all the world,
One of those to think of you,
One of those innocent and pure.

One of those full of emotion,
With a shy smile on her lips,
With a tear that appears with every worry,
One of those, there is none second to her in the entire world.

And there is one, far away that feels attached to her,
Tied to her by an emotional string,
And the moment he sees at her, in that moment, then
Two will become one.

אחת שכזאת / לירן דנינו

אחת היא כזאת נַעֲרָה האוהבת
אחת היא בְּכָל עולמו שֶבָּרָא
אחת היא כזאת שֶעָלֶיךָ חוֹשבת
כזאת היא אחת- תַּמָּה וּבָרָה

רק אחת היא כזאת שֶכּוּלָּה רְגָשוֹת
עם חיוך בַּיְישָנִי על שפתיים
עם דמעה שֶעוֹלה לְכָל צל חֲשָשוֹת
אחת אין שְנִיָּיה לה עד קְצֶה הַשָּמַיִים

ואחד יש הרחק, שֶאֵלֶיהָ קשוּר
קשור הוא חזק בָּה, בְּחוּט רְגָשוֹת
וּבְרֶגַע יציץ בָּה, בְּרֶגַע יָשׁוּר
אֲזַי לְאַחַת נַעֲשוֹת הַנְּפָשוֹת