The Bender JCC Herman Aquatic Center offers an array of classes and lessons for all ages including Group Swim Lessons, parent/child classes including Waterbabies and Watertots, Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons, Pre-Team, Swim Club, Masters Swim Club, as well as the Isadore and Bertha Gudelsky Exceptional Swim Program for children, teens and adults with orthopedic-related disabilities.

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Swim Classes, Lessons & Clubs

The Bender JCC of Greater Washington offers swim classes, swim lessons, and swim clubs for all ages and skill levels. Learn to swim, refine your strokes, or build endurance—it’s all possible at the Bender JCC.

Water Babies and Tots
Our Water Babies and Water Tots classes introduce children with their parents in the pool to the water. Using verbal cues and body language your child will be introduced to basic swim skills including back float, kicking, blowing bubbles and reaching all with assistance from the parent. Ages 6 months to 3 years.

Water Babies and Tots Classes



swimclassSwim Classes
Our swim classes introduce children of all ages to the water, helps new swimmers become adjusted and teaches fundamental swim skills and strokes.

Swim Classes



JCC_OutdoorPoolSwimmer026Swim Clubs
Our youth and adult swim clubs allow swimmers to work on competitive skills and build endurance through challenging workouts and individual stroke correction.

Swim Clubs




Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Private (one student per instructor), semi-private (two students per instructor) are available in 30-minute increments. Lessons are based on instructor availability and are available to Bender JCC members only. To schedule lessons or for more information, contact Caroline Cardullo, Aquatics Director at 301-348-3890.

Private & Semi-Private Lessons


Aquatic Group Fitness

Free to members, the Bender JCC’s aquatic group fitness classes—including Aqua Zumba, Flex & Stretch and Aerobics —are low-impact total body workouts ideal for all ages.  See our list of classes HERE or for more information on aquatic group fitness, contact Rachel Ossman at or 301-348-3891.



On the board, In the water. BogaFit is a workout geared to heighten your sense of balance while building your entire core, cardiovascular stamina, and total body strength. See what Boga Fit is all about.

Outdoor Pool:
Tuesday | 6:30-7:15 AM  | Starts July 2
Thursday | 6:30-7:15 AM | Starts July 11
Saturday | 7:30-8:15 AM | Starts July 6

Indoor Pool:
Wednesday 5:45 – 6:30 PM

$12.50 individual class | $50 (5 session pack)
Register by emailing the Bender JCC Welcome Desk or call 301-881-0100.

All levels welcome. The board offers modifications for every type of participant. Note: If you have severe back injuries, issues kneeling, or vertigo, contact your physician first.

Pool Safety

Herman Aquatic Center Indoor Pool

  • Indoor Pool Schedule
  • 25 yards long
  • 3’-10’ deep
  • 6 lanes
  • Meets ADA requirements
  • Staffed by certified lifeguards at all times


Outdoor Pool

Isadore & Bertha Gudelsky Exceptional Swim Program  

The Bender JCC offers swim classes for children, teens, and adults with physical disabilities. Learn more about the Isadore & Bertha Gudelsky Exceptional Swim Program.

Pool Safety

The Bender JCC is committed to keeping its members and visitors safe. In addition to our certified lifeguards, we require strict adherence to our pool rules. Learn about our outdoor pool rules.

Questions about aquatics at the Bender JCC? Contact us! 


ProAction Aquatic Physical Therapy

ProAction Physical Therapy offers Aquatic Therapy water for people who do not tolerate treatment ‘on land’. We are one of only a few clinics in the Washington, DC area that offers this valuable service. Our Physical Therapists are expertly trained to provide therapy in the water. Take advantage of this exceptional program right here at the JCC!

Physical Therapy in the water:

  1. Creates a safe and effective environment to exercise.
  2. Enablespain-free strengthing, stretching, and overall mobility.
  3. Uses hydrostatic pressure to reduce swelling.
  4. Improves your ability to balance.
  5. Creates the ability to move joints through greater ranges of motion.

Aquatic Physical Therapy benefits those who have:

Neck and back pain Arthritis
Fibromyalgia Gait and balance difficulties
Poor conditioning/endurance Neurological disorders
Joint replacements & other types of surgery Chronic pain

Aquatic Physical Therapy is covered by Medicare and most medical insurance plans when it is prescribed by a physician. There is no extra cost for participating in Aquatic Therapy sessions. Please call us for additional information at 301-881-CARE (301-881-2273). See you at the pool!