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Capital Camps Virtual Open House.
Attention prospective families. Meet our Camp staff and learn why summer 2022 will be the best summer!

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June 1, 12:30 – 1:30 PM ETREVELATION & REMEMBRANCE: RECAPTURING THE ECHOES OF SINAIPresented by Rabbi Jack Luxemburg, Rabbi Emeritus, Temple Beth Ami

Online Lecture Learn more and register hereJOIN US TO LEARN TOGETHER, IN MEMORY OF OUR TEACHER AND FRIEND, AVI WEST, Z”L.At Shavuot, we recall the revelation of Torah at Mt. Sinai. We imagine what it might have been like for our ancestors and attempt to incorporate that experience into our own lives. How successful are we? Is it even possible? Through Midrash, commentary and discussion explore the moment which is so difficult to recapture and consider how Sinai echoes in our own souls.Rabbi Luxemburg is honored to be invited to teach this session dedicated to the life and accomplishments of his colleague, friend, and teacher, Avi West.

Sports Plus

Offering virtual programming for differently-abled that reaches through the screen to engage participants!  For more information, please go to their website at

College Admissions & Test Prep Information Night for Parents of 8th-10th graders Hosted by Private Prep at Beth El: April 4, 7:30 PM. As the testing and admissions landscape continues to shift, it is hard to know how changes will affect your child’s educational journey. Join Angela Kaufman, Amy Cavanaugh & Steve Feldman from Private Prep to learn about what colleges are looking for from students.  We will cover topics including test optional policies, test prep best practices, and all of your other burning standardized testing and admissions questions in an open, intimate environment.

Private Prep is offering a great academic skills workshop for middle schoolers having a hard time getting organized or developing their study skills.  JCC Members get $50 off their first invoice with Private Prep


Disability Partnerships

Disability Partnerships is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Rockville, Maryland that seeks to improve the quality of life for persons living with physical disabilities. They created a survey on the health and wellness needs of the physically disabled in our area. Click here to take the survey.