Itay Sharon

Itay Sharonאיתי שרון ז”ל

Itay was born on 8/29/1988 He died on Wednesday – 08/23/2006. He wrote the song “estate management,” which is performed by the band, Bet HaBobot, in memory of his father, as a way for him to deal with his loss.

Itay was born in Haifa, and raised in Zichron Yaakov. His father, the late Major Moti Sharon, a helicopter pilot in the Air Force, died while securing the last frontier of peace border between Israel and Egypt in 1988 when Itay was just four months old. From a very young age, Itay expressed his desire to follow in his father’s footsteps by enlisting in the air force. He died six days before his 18th birthday from heat stroke, before his first flying course.

Estate Management / Bet HaBobot

Since you left,
Time passes slowly,
Days are running as through the hourglass,
And I have to continue searching.

I never cease to yearn,
Thinking of you,
Trying to go your way,
You have set my face as you were leaving.

I’m afraid not meet expectations,
Of all, of myself …
Afraid to disappoint you,
Since you left.

ניהול העיזבון / בית הבובות

מאז שעזבת,
,הזמן עובר לאט
,ימים זולגים כמו מבעד לשעון חול
.ואני חייב להמשיך בחיפוש

,אני לא מפסיק להתגעגע
,חושב עליך
,מנסה ללכת בדרך שלך
.שהצבת בפניי כשהלכת

,אני מפחד לא לעמוד בציפיות
…של כולם, של עצמי
,מפחד לאכזב אותך
.מאז שעזבת