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The Bender JCC is an all-inclusive community – from the people we serve to the programs we offer – rooted in Jewish values. The Bender JCC connects people through high-quality programs for all ages, backgrounds, abilities and interests.  It is a place for growing, learning and friendship. It is a place where you belong.


We are a fitness center, an early childhood education center, and an arts destination. We are a gathering place for families, seniors, adults, and teens.  No matter where you are in life, we are a place to start your next chapter.

A Place for Families:

Jewish values are life values. The Bender Early Childhood Center and Bender-Dosik Parenting Center lay the groundwork for a life rooted in the community (kehillah), repairing the world (tikkun olam), and respect for one another (kavod ha-briot).

A Place for Growth:

Learned informally on the field at our fully inclusive summer camp, in our after-school program, or through a teen membership in our fitness center, we create comfortable spaces that energize and excite youth and teens to explore their world as they grow.

A Place for Wellness:

The Bender JCC is a place to improve your quality of life and give back to yourself.  Whether you are searching for the sociability of group exercise, the flexibility of individual exercise, or are in need of a specialized program for Parkinson’s support or physical therapy, we are a judgment-free zone, open to any and all fitness levels, backgrounds and abilities.

A Place for Illumination:

Our arts and cultural programming illuminate the human experience through film, music, culinary, fine art and literary events.


We are the town square of the Jewish community – a place for the entire Jewish and broader community to come together. 

  • In an increasingly virtual world, people are searching for ways to truly connect
  • People want to explore Judaism on their own without being judged
  • People want to connect to Judaism through culture
  • Interfaith couples and families have become commonplace in Jewish life

We strive to be many things, while one concept remains constant: we are a center of Jewish life for everyone without judgment, restrictions or expectations.   We create enriching experiences so that people are inspired to connect with each other, Jewish culture and heritage.

The Bender JCC is a community of communities that grows with you through face-to-face connections and exploration.  You are welcomed and valued for who you are wherever you are.


Much of what we do at the Bender JCC is not fully supported by program or membership fees.  We rely on donors to help make many of our programs and services possible, such as inclusion, gallery exhibits, senior programs, ESOL classes, literary events, young family outreach, and much more.  We also rely on donors to help make all of our programs financially accessible through scholarships to those who need a little extra help.

25% of the Bender JCC’s annual operating budget comes from contributed income including individual contributions, grants, endowment income, and an allocation from the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.

“There are moments throughout your life cycle that you touch this place and this place touches you. And it makes you wonder – what would life be like without it? It’s because of the community I’ve found here that supporting the Bender JCC has become a priority for my family and me.”—Bender JCC member and donor


A gift of           Could help fund

$2,500             Inclusion counselor to provide one-on-one support for a camper with disabilities
$1,000             Film screening for 300 community members
$750                Scholarship for a teen to participate in JCC Maccabi Games
$500                60 hot nutritious meals for seniors
$180                Six-month scholarship for a group home resident to be a member of the Bender JCC
$36                  Supplies for a young family outreach program

Our Mission:  We cultivate communities in a warm and inclusive environment to celebrate Jewish life and values.

Annual Report

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