Corporal Ami (Amishalom) Kahat

Corporal Ami (Amishalom) Kahatרב”ט עמי (עמישלום) קהת

Ami was the eldest son of Ilana and Joshua, both holocaust survivors. Ami was named after a lone soldier whose grave Ami’s parents passed on a memorial day in in Tzfat. He grew up in Chadera and joined the “young guard” in preparation for the army. In 1971 he enlisted in the Nahal Brigade, where he lived with his team members at Arava. Ami organized the vegetable garden, which was considered one of the most important branches. Ami wanted his team members to settle the location, but the initiative did not bear fruit, and finally they continued to Kibbutz Revadim. During this time, Ami worked in the fields of the kibbutz and initiated a voluntary project, which involved his team members visiting Musrara, a neighborhood of Jerusalem, where they helped the community, especially young children.

Most of his team members joined the paratroopers, but Ami was suffering from back problems and enlisted in the artillery. At the end of basic training, Ami got sick with hepatitis and was hospitalized at Hadassah Hospital, where he met Nurit. Nurit heard that a sick soldier was to be transferred to Kibbutz Revadim and she was asked to visit him. Ami turned out to be this sick soldier and during these visits the relationship between them became closer, until they became a couple.

When the Yom Kippur War broke out, Ami was sent to the Golan Heights, where he fought with Battalion 412. He was killed on October 17, 1973 during a round of artillery battery. His friends received the news a few days later, that he was wounded and evacuated. Nurit went looking for him in the hospitals in the north and in the field. His family didn’t know anything, until a formal announcement of his death was made shortly thereafter.

כל הקווים המקבילים / יאיא כהן אהרונוב

כל הקווים המקבילים נפגשים באינסוף
הלכתי לבקש את האינסוף
שם, אומרים, כל האהבות נפגשות
.כל האוהבים נפגשים
לא יכולנו להפגש כאן, ניפגש באינסוף
.להתראות, סוף
.הלכתי לבקש את האינסוף

כל המִישׁוֹרִים המקבילים נפגשים באינסוף
הלכתי לבקש את האינסוף
,שם, אומרים כל המחשבות נפגשות
.המחשבות הנמצאות על מִישׁוֹרִים שונים
לא יכלו מחשבותינו
להפגש כאן, נפגש באינסוף
.להתראות סוף
.הלכתי לבקש את האינסוף

כל השונאים נפגשים באינסוף
יחד עם האוהבים
הרגשות הנפגשים כאן
חותכים את הקוים והמישורים
בַּחֲתָךְ צורב וּמַכְאִיב, מנסים לְגַשֵּׁר אבל
כל הקוים והמישורים המקבילים נפגשים באינסוף
,חוק ברזל
הלכתי לבקש את האינסוף