Refer A Friend

Refer a Friend in February!

Referral Benefits:

  • For every new friend you refer who joins the Bender JCC, you’ll earn a $50 credit.

           New members will also receive a bonus $25 credit upon joining!

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Referred members must be new to the Bender JCC with no prior membership.

           Both the referring and referred members’ accounts must be in good standing before applying the membership credit.

           Please note that credits are not applicable to frozen accounts or accounts pending cancellation.

Membership Details:

  • To qualify, the new membership must commence between February 1-29, 2024.

           Ensure the current, referring member’s name is listed on the new, referred member’s application.

Credit Issuance:

  • Credits will be issued on May 15, 2024.

Ready to refer a friend? Contact our membership services at 301-881-0100 or