Meet Our Shlicha

danielle flickerDanielle Flicker

I am honored to join the community as the new JCCGW shlicha (emissary) from Israel. What a wonderful opportunity for us to share ideas, stories and simchas (joyous times) while strengthening the bond between our countries and communities!

My role as shlicha is to help create interesting and interactive programming and expand Israel-centric education and activities. Please feel comfortable in reaching out to me so that together, we can make my time here as beneficial and worthwhile for you and your families as I know it can be.

In addition to the activities with the JCCGW, every Sunday I will also serve as the troop leader of the Israeli Scouts Troop, Gilad.

I am 22 years old and originally from Kfar Yona, a small town next to Netanya, Israel. In my formative years, I was involved with the Israeli Scouts and took part in delegations to several states across the United States. Three years ago, I represented my country as a young emissary in Cincinnati, Ohio where I lived for a year, developed programs and met thousands of people of all ages in an effort to help make Israel less of a distant country or ideal and more realistic and accessible to everyone.

During my subsequent IDF service, I was given a commission in the Education Force and spent two years in the most beautiful place in Israel ─ Jerusalem. My responsibilities were to educate the IDF soldiers, lead weekly tours of various important sites and to expand their knowledge of our country and the world by educating the soldiers through Jerusalem’s rich history and social diversity. Our tours often lead to thought-provoking and deep discussions of their role as soldiers and their important missions.

I very much look forward to meeting you all, sharing our passion for our respective home countries, and sharing the special stories of people we have met along the way. Please feel free to contact me at 301.348.3863 or, or stop by my office (next to the Teen Center on the second floor of the administrative wing).