Linking Teens and Seniors

Pictured above: As teen mentor Daniella Otarola (left) explains a concept, student Ruth Greene listens intently.

Linking Teens and Seniors

One of the JCCGW’s hallmarks is an intergenerational program through which teenagers volunteer their time to teach seniors how to use computers, basic software, iPads and more. This community service project not only helps seniors become more independent and technologically savvy, but creates lasting bonds between the seniors and their young instructors, and gives teens a chance to give back in the community.

Ruth Greene, who was a student of teen mentor Daniella Otarola, expressed her thoughts on the program: “When the opportunity arose to increase my computer skills here at the JCC under the tutelage of a high school student, I eagerly signed up for this opportunity.  Much to my delight, I was paired with a very bright, personable and enthusiastic young woman who has been patiently guiding me through the web of new skills.  I appreciate having the oppportunity to satisfy my thirst for knowledge in this new format with a high school student instructor.”

Daniella was equally enthusiastic about the program and about her student, stating, “Ruth is a great person and I have enjoyed her energy, eagerness to learn, and the interesting stories she always has to contribute during the classes. I have taught her things, and she has also taught me a lot.”

For more information about the intergenerational technology program, or to enroll as a student or to volunteer as a teen mentor, please contact Stacy Katz Olivera at 301.348.3889 or

The JCCGW is grateful to The Kaplan Family Foundation which, in 2011, generously provided a grant for new computer equipment for the computer resource center.