Jewish Family Living and Learning

Strengthen your Jewish heritage, gain a better understanding of Judaism and enhance your cultural experience through our wide variety of language programs, educational lecture series, Jewish holiday celebrations and workshops, and interfaith outreach classes.


Learn Hebrew in a supportive and fun environment through conversation, reading, writing, and more. Ulpan Ben Yehuda conversational Hebrew and prayerbook Hebrew are offered in small classes, in both daytime and evening, from the very beginning stages to more advanced levels.

Holiday Celebrations

Celebrate Judaism through holiday festivals, family and community gatherings, and festive workshops.


The Bender JCC is a welcoming environment for mixed-faith couples and families. We provide resources to those exploring what it means to be part of a Jewish community. Personal support, ongoing interaction, and a nonjudgmental approach allow individuals with non-Jewish backgrounds and others embracing Judaism to feel welcome. For more information about interfaith programs, contact Talin Tahmasian.

Israel Lecture Series

We offer incisive and informative free lectures on modern Israel. Program co-sponsors include the Israeli Embassy, the Jewish Agency for Israel and Israel in D.C.

Biblical Archaeology Forum

Schedule and Information

The Biblical Archaeology Forum (BAF) begins its thirty-third year in September with George Washington University professor Christopher Rollston tracing and comparing the incipient beliefs in Heaven and Hell during late Second Temple times and the early Christian era.

Please join us for a series of eight scholarly lectures on the latest archaeological research findings and related fields such as history, art and texts of ancient times. Reservations are not required. Fees per lecture are: free – high school students; $5 – Residents of CES Life Communities, college students and co-sponsors; $8 – BASONOVA & Bender JCC members, and; $10 – the general public. For more information, please contact

Subscriptions for the BAF 2017-2018 lecture season coming soon.


ShalomLearning blends traditional classroom instruction with interactive online learning activities to make Jewish education more exciting, convenient and fun. Your kids will learn about their heritage and develop a strong, positive Jewish identity.

Shoresh Hebrew High School

After thirteen years of challenging young minds with Jewish studies, Shoresh Hebrew High School has found a new home at the JCC of Greater Washington to make their unique Jewish studies program more accessible to teenagers in grades 8-12.