Leadership at the Twilight of Athenian Democracy

Leadership at the Twilight of Athenian Democracy

When did the famed classical Athenian democracy actually die?  Was it with the defeat of Athens and its allies by Philip II of Macedon at the battle of Chaeronea in 338 BCE? 

Reconstruction of the (Dead Sea) Temple Scroll

Five copies of the Temple Scroll, perhaps six, were discovered at Qumran, stemming from three different caves .The most complete manuscript was first published in 1977, and the other manuscripts, which are highly fragmentary, were published in the 1990s.

How to Speak to Kings in Cuneiform (The Amarna Letters)

The Canaanite Amarna Letters are cuneiform diplomatic letters that were sent to the Egyptian royal court on behalf of Levantine rulers in the mid-14th century BCE.

Emperor in Rome, Deity in the Provinces

Emperor in Rome, Deity in the Provinces June 14, 2023 at 8 PM via Zoom Barbara Burrell Sheer familiarity has blinded classicists and historians to the oddity of the Roman imperial cult. Countless cultures across the globe had rulers who were either gods (e.g. Egypt and Japan), descended from gods (Shang dynasty China, the Inca), […]

Exile and Return: The Birth and Defining Moments of Ancient Judaism

What was the impact of involuntary and voluntary forced migration on Judaism, a diaspora religion? Without the historical experience of the exile and return, Judaism would not exist.

Tomb of the Royal Steward (Jerusalem)

Tomb of the Royal Steward (Jerusalem) Wednesday, January 18 7 PM Matthew Suriano, University of Maryland Hidden from view in the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem are the remains of a monumental sepulcher hewn out of bedrock, known today as the Tomb of the Royal Steward. A royal steward was a high-ranking position in the Kingdom […]

Genetic Forensics and Ancient DNA

Advancements in the analysis of challenging DNA samples have led to groundbreaking new technologies that are revolutionizing forensic DNA analysis for law enforcement investigations and historians of ancient times.

The Earliest Cult Centers in the World?: Göbekli Tepe and its Contemporaries

Since the time of their discovery in 1996, the ruins at Göbekli Tepe, near Şanlıurfa, Turkey, have generated heated discussions among archaeologists.

The Message of Gospel Of Thomas: Resonances with Jewish Tradition

The Message of Gospel Of Thomas: Resonances with Jewish Tradition Wednesday, June 15, 2022, at 8 PM via Zoom Elaine Pagels, Princeton University This talk engages the secret Gospel Of Thomas, discovered in 1945 in Upper Egypt, which consists of 114 sayings attributed to Jesus of Nazareth. While most scholarly research has focused on half […]