Employee Interview

A healthy work culture should not only support you; it should propel you forward. Even more than performance, the Bender JCC strives to celebrate – and invest in – our people. We aim to promote our team member’s growth and well-being: our duty as an organization is to care about our staff. But caring about those humans on our team first requires us to know – and care about – what matters to each other. With that in mind, we’re launching a new content series, one designed to tell your story. We’re looking to celebrate not only the accomplishments that highlight your professional skills but also the relationships that reveal your values. Our vision is to celebrate the moments – big and small – when our staff grow (as people and professionals), and put our Bender JCC values into action to push the Bender JCC forward. Our hope is that your honesty will bring unexpected joy and that your sincerity will fuel greater closeness (between ourselves and our members). The goal is to highlight our unique strengths and share the personal values that bring meaning to our work so that we can be proud of not only what we’ve achieved professionally, but also, who we’ve become as people.