Community Hub

Community Hub updates are coming on September 1

Schedule and renew training and lessons 24/7, directly online, and on-demand

Effective September 1st, current clients can schedule and renew their existing personal training sessions, music lessons, or swim lessons directly through our Community Hub.

New, first-time clients will still need to contact JCC staff to purchase their initial package and schedule their initial appointments. As of August 1, you will no longer need to make reservations in ClubReady for Group Exercise classes.

Self-service and on-demand scheduling through The Community Hub allows you to:

  • Easily view instructor and trainer availability for hassle-free scheduling.
  • Confidently book, renew, and manage appointments for everyone in your family.
  • Browse available appointments and book the time most convenient for your schedule.
  • Book, renew, and manage packages online, around the clock, 24/7 access to registration means there is no need to renew in-person or play phone tag with staff.

WATCH: How to book, renew, and manage your appointments and lessons.

Log in to your Community Hub account at to check out all these new features.

Community Hub Tutorial: