TAMSEK Imaginarium: Art by Matthew Kessler

TAMSEK Imaginarium: Art by Matthew Kessler

Starts June 2, 2024 - Ends June 14, 2024

Bender JCC’s Goldman Art Gallery

The Bender JCC is proud to present TAMSEK Imaginarium, sculpture art by Matthew Kessler. Mat’s work is created through the window of vision loss suffered from macular degeneration at age 62. His works include a variety of materials and techniques, such as wood and stone carving, modeling, casting, poured cement, paper maché, mixed media and found art murals.

Every work of art that Mat creates tells a story. Themes range from his love for his children and grandchildren, to favorite stories from the Bible, his wish for mankind, whimsical animals, and forays into more abstract pieces made in wood or as wall hangings. Everything is built upon a message. In his artwork, and in his mantra to his children and particularly his grandchildren, is the message that limited vision in the physical world (or any disability) can open up a view to one’s inner thoughts and soul which—despite all obstacles—can still be expressed, enjoyed and shared.

TAMSEK is how Mat signed many of his works, and is derived from the reverse spelling of the first three letters of his first and last name.

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