SHARAKA. Building Peace in Times of War

SHARAKA. Building Peace in Times of War

April 3, 2024
7:45 PM


At the Bender JCC

Join us for a unique discussion with Sharaka, a group focused on creating people-to-people engagement and help form human connections, while promoting greater understanding and positive engagement of the international community in the Middle East.

Sharaka’s critical work in building people-to-people peace and dialogue has intensified since the horrific October 7 attack and ensuring war, creating a space for dialogue and understanding between Israelis and Arabs; Jews and Muslims. The dynamic delegation from the Middle East and North Africa is ready to address current tensions and the Hamas-Israel war and how the Abraham Accords and peace fit into the equation. Offering nuanced perspectives straight from the region, Sharaka aims to inform, reduce polarization, and encourage dialogue on Israel, the events of October 7 and the current conflict, offering a positive and constructive way forward.

For more information, please contact Maytal Regev at or 301.348.3843.