Leap into Laps Challenge


Leap into Laps Challenge

Starts April 1, 2024 - Ends May 31, 2024

Challenge yourself and engage in some friendly community competition with the Leap into Laps Challenge! Swimmers will embark on a two-month journey of aquatic endurance, pushing their limits and striving for the title of the “Leap into Laps Champion.” The challenge revolves around accumulating the highest number of laps swum within the designated time frame.

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Registration: Participants must register before the start of the challenge, providing their contact information (name and email) to the Aquatics Director. Registration deadline is March 31.
  2. Recording Laps: Swimmers are responsible for keeping track of their laps. Each lap must be properly documented with the date and number of laps completed. This information must be emailed to Caroline Cardullo (ccardullo@benderjccgw.org) every Wednesday by 12 midnight throughout the challenge. A master sheet of participants and laps will be recorded on a board posted in the Indoor Pool by the Aquatics Director. This provides an opportunity for participants to share their experiences and motivate each other.
  3. Swimming Locations: Participants can swim in either the Indoor or Outdoor Pool.
  4. Stroke Variety: Participants are encouraged to incorporate various swimming strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) throughout the challenge to enhance overall fitness.
  5. Lap Count: The primary criterion for determining the winner is the total number of laps completed by each participant.
  6. Weekly Milestones: Special recognition can be given for achieving weekly milestones or personal bests.
  7. Prizes: A prize will be awarded to the overall lap leader at the end of the challenge.


The “Leap into Laps Challenge” is not just a test of physical endurance but also a celebration of the swimming community’s spirit. As participants push their boundaries, they will forge new connections and inspire each other to reach greater heights in their aquatic endeavors.

Questions? Contact Caroline Cardullo at ccardullo@benderjccgw.org.