Brain Builders

Brain Builders

Starts April 10, 2024 - Ends June 5, 2024
3:30 - 4:15 PM

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Wednesdays | 3:30 – 4:15 PM | $200 Members | $215 Public

Skip date: April 24

“Brain Builders” is an enrichment class designed for preschool-age children, offering engaging activities to improve their executive function, self-regulation, and social-emotional awareness skills.

Brain Builders can help if your child occasionally:

  • Struggles with taking turns during play
  • Displays distress like crying or screaming when leaving a friend’s house
  • Resorts to running away when faced with a ‘no’
  • Uses physical actions instead of words to express themselves

We address these situations through interactive puppetry and games, providing a safe space for children to practice navigating these moments. Each session offers a hands-on opportunity for children to work through different social scenarios. Additionally, parents receive informative handouts after each session, guiding them to reinforce and support these valuable learning experiences at home with their child.

All Bender JCC programs are open to everyone. Contact Kate Falls, Director of Inclusion, at or 301.348.3767 to discuss support and accommodations.