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FAQ’s for families filling out the FAST scholarship application

For All Families:

  1. The FAST application is available in Hebrew, French and Spanish.
  2. For families with divorced parents, both parents will be asked to provide their information for the financial aid application.
  3. ALL applications must submit financial information from 2019. If you have not completed your 2019 taxes by the financial assistance application deadline you may submit 2019 W-2’s or 2019 yearend paystubs. APPLICATIONS WITHOUT ANY 2019 FINANCIAL INFORMATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
  4. If you have completed a FAST application for CESJDS or another school for the relevant school year, you can call FAST and ask them to share your information with the Bender JCC of Greater Washington. You will not have to pay another full application fee but additional fees may apply.

Bender Early Childhood Center Families:

  1. You must enroll your child in a Bender ECC program prior to applying for financial assistance.
  2. Please include any information you feel is relevant that may not be reflected in the application in your personal statement. For example:
    1. Recent job change or loss
    2. Out-of-pocket medical expenses
    3. Medical conditions that may impact a parent’s ability to work.
    4. Caregiving needs for children or parents that impact your family situation
  3. The deadline to apply for financial assistance for the Bender ECC for the September year is July 27, 2020.
  4. Scholarships for the Bender ECC will be awarded in late August.


Questions about the scholarship process or FAST application?

Please contact Bill Grubb