Kesef Programs

We’re pleased to continue to offer a wide array of specialty programming for campers entering 3rd and 4th grade.

Session 1
Big Top Stars
Dance to the Music
Digital Media

Session 2
Engineering Challenge with Lego
“I made it myself” Jewelry Making
Outdoor Adventure Camp

Session 3
Culinary Creations
Dance to the Music
Go Green with Recycled Art



Entering Grades 3&4

View a Variety of Specialty Programs for Your Camper

Let your children run away to join the circus – at camp! Circus arts teaches children the benefits of hard work and self-reliance while building self-confidence and improving camper coordination and balance. Campers have fun learning juggling, tumbling, clown skills, acrobatics and much more from skilled circus coaches in a safe and friendly environment. The session ends with circus showcase for their friends.

Everyone loves to create in the kitchen! Lessans Camp JCC is bringing our campers the opportunity to prepare, cook and then eat their amazing creations.

Lessans Camp JCC is excited to be working with local professional dance instructors this summer. We will offer a creative and fun specialty program to engage campers in a variety dance styles – modern dance, disco, hip-hop, tap, jazz and more!

Campers will learn the basics to develop and improve their photography skills while capturing photos to tell a unique story of their summer adventure at Lessans Camp JCC.

Are you a Lego enthusiast or do you know someone who is? Lessans Camp JCC is teaming up with the lego professionals from Play-Well TEKnologies to provide a half-day of lego-filled fun. Campers will enjoy collaborating and creating while learning about structural engineering, gearing, motors, and more.

Campers will have tons of fun this summer designing environmentally-friendly art projects with recycled materials. Guided by our innovative staff, campers will think outside the box and turn trash into treasures while learning about conserving our natural environment. Campers will create keepsakes to ensure the message of going green stays with them long after camp is over.

Cultivate your child’s creativity through the arts. Campers will design and create bracelets, necklaces, earrings and various other accessories. Instructors will teach a wide range of exciting projects and campers will have fun learning the techniques of jewelry making while creating their own hand-made art & jewelry projects.

Led by experienced instructors, our adventurers will stretch their legs and minds while exploring the outdoors. Adventures may include hiking, learning map, and compass skills along the way, canoeing or rafting down a river, visiting a natural spring, ziplining, and more.

This is an exceptional opportunity for campers to work with Learning Undefeated to learn about science and our environment. Campers participate in a hands-on program with experienced professionals experimenting and investigating in a safe environment. Included in this awesome experience is a week-long project working in Learning Undefeated “STEM Truck”.