Swim Testing

Effective June 21st, 2014 the JCC of Greater Washington will be implementing a swim testing and marking program for all children under the age of 12* who wish to swim in the lap lane section of the outdoor pool or use the water slide to continue to ensure the safety of all swimmers.

Swim testing will be done at the outdoor pool by our lifeguards during adult swim times only. Once the child has passed the test to either swim in the deep end or use the water slide they will be administered the appropriate color bracelet to be worn while swimming and their name will be put in to the swim test log book.  In the event the bracelet has been taken off you may check in with the guard sitting under the canopy upon enter the outdoor pool area and they will administer a new band based upon the swim test log book.

*The JCC of Greater Washington has the right to test anyone who wishes to swim in the deep end or use the water slide at its discretion.