Reservists on Duty

Reservists on Duty

February 21, 2018
7:00 PM

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Voices of the Middle East

Come listen to Israeli Minorities share their stories from life in Israel. This panel discussion is led by a delegation of young professionals from Israel representing minority populations including Christians, Muslims, Bedouins and Druze who will share their experiences and unique perspectives on life in Israel. 


Nizar Graisi – Born and raised in Maalot-Tarchisha in the northern Galilie of Israel. He served in the tanks division until his release in 2017. He works as an activist, integrating Christians in Israeli society and the IDF.

Lorena Khateeb – An Israeli-Druze woman from the village of Smea in the Galilee. Khateeb is an activist in the Druze community and did her national service for a year in the Druze youth movement.

Jonathan Nizar Elkhoury – An Israeli-Lebanese Christian, he is the Minorities Coordinator for the NGO “Reservists on Duty” in Israel.

Nasrin Khalifa – An Israeli Arab Muslim woman, she lives in Nahariya, northern Israel. Khalifa’s father was a colonel in the IDF, following him she joined the National Service and served for a year in the Unit for Directing Discharged Soldiers.

Mohammad Kabiya – A Muslim Israeli-Bedouin and former IDF soldier. Today, he works as a strategic consultant for the IDF, specializing in Bedouin and Foreign Affairs.

For more information on the event, contact Gal Naor at 301-348-3849 or