Phoenician’s Cultural Influence in the Levant/Israel

Phoenician’s Cultural Influence in the Levant/Israel

March 23, 2022
8:00 PM

Phoenician’s Cultural Influence in the Levant/Israel

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 8 pm via Zoom

Carolina Lopez-Ruiz

As the Levant recovered from the Late-Bronze-Age systems-collapse, the Phoenician population centers offered the fragmented Levantines an inspiring continuity with the lustrous urban world that had once been exemplified by the Canaanites at Ugarit. Tyre, the greatest city of Phoenicia, stood out as a beacon of exploration and innovation as it grew ever more prosperous through its commercial and colonial ventures in the western Mediterranean.

From architectural traditions to ancestral institutions, artistic models, including sphinxes and volute capitals, and alphabetic writing, the Phoenicians were active agents in fostering and setting standards for a uniquely Levantine culture. In turn, in the process of selective adaptation of this Phoenician culture, Israel emerges as an active participant in the Mediterranean-wide and regional networks, while forging a unique local identity.

Carolina Lopez-Ruiz, Professor in the Department of Classics -The Ohio State University


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