Navigating College Admissions for Students with IEPs/504s

Navigating College Admissions for Students with IEPs/504s

September 23, 2018
3:00 PM

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Only 28 percent of students with disabilities graduate college. Most do not take advantage of
college services available to them.

Learn how to help your student with Learning Disabilities.

  • College vs. High School: What the LD student should expect.
  • IEP, 504, ADA: What you need to know about accommodations.
  • Psycho-ed testing WAIS vs. WISC
  • College admissions: How colleges evaluate applicants.
  • SAT or ACT: Is one better for kids with LD?
  • Services at colleges: Minimal to comprehensive
  • Best Colleges for students with LDs.

Eliot Applestein has appeared on Talk of the Nation and written about college admissions for The Washington Post. He has contributed to U.S. News & World Reports America’s Best Colleges. Visit for more information.

Parents and students are encouraged to attend.