Monument, Memory and Cultural Identity in the Roman Forum

Monument, Memory and Cultural Identity in the Roman Forum

December 11, 2019
8:00 PM

Roman Forum. The reconstruction of the 19th century. Painter Becchetti. Watercolour.

Monument, Memory and Cultural Identity in the Roman Forum

Christopher Gregg

From its beginnings as a humble village to its height as a metropolis that ruled the Mediterranean, the city of Rome had as its geographic and social center the Roman Forum.

The Forum was the stage on which statesmen such as Cicero and Julius Caesar played out their games of intrigue which helped determine the fate of the Republic.  When that fate was sealed and the Republic gave way to Empire, the Forum remained the traditional heart of the Roman people even as its political significance changed drastically.

Against its architectural and historical backdrop, Emperors attempted to maintain the façade of republican rule by investing themselves in the visual history of Rome.  Even cities under Roman control emulated the Forum in order to demonstrate their loyalty.

This illustrated talk will chart the development of the Forum: from its marshy origins as a graveyard to the monument-crowded area conquered by barbarians.  Using select monuments and ancient texts, we will make this rich and complex section of the ancient city unfold for the modern viewer.

Christopher Gregg is Assistant Professor of History and Art History at George Mason University

Please join us for a series of eight scholarly lectures on the latest archaeological research findings and related fields such as history, art, and texts of ancient times in the Near East and Eastern Mediterranean. No reservations.

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