Grandparents Center

Grandparents Center at the Bender-Dosik Parenting Center

The Grandparents Center is dedicated to strengthening and celebrating the grandparenting experience. While grandparents have always been welcome in Parenting Center activities, now there is new programming designed especially for them.

Upcoming Programs

Challah Baking with Bubbe and Zaiyde | TBD

Impart your years of challah making and eating with your grandchild.  Bake together with your little one’s little one.  A fun afternoon filled with rolling laughter and kneading the dough.

Bagels, Bris’ and Simchat Bat’s…

Having a new baby brings on many challenges. Sleepless nights, feeding frenzies, lots of laundry!  The last thing you want to add to your to-do-list is “get Rabbi and a bagel platter”! The Parenting Center has compiled a list of things you may need to welcome your little one into the community.

Dr. Andrew Engel

Steven Adashek

Rent a room for your event at the Bender JCC!

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