Camp JCC Staff

Thinking about joining the Camp JCC staff family?

We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated people who will take the job as seriously as we do. We are committed to providing the best camp experience to our campers, families and staff.  Working at Camp JCC includes summer membership privileges including access to the fitness center and more, discounts on camp tuition for your children and incredible experiences that will help your college or career aspirations.

Camp JCC Staff application open mid-November!


Staff at Camp JCC

At Camp JCC we pride ourselves on our staff-to-camper ratio and every summer welcome over 200 individuals to share their knowledge, experience and love of camp with our campers.

Staff members are selected based on their talents and skills; demonstrated levels of maturity, responsibility and dependability; programming and leadership expertise; ability to relate to and care for children; and sincere commitment to helping campers experience a summer of fun…a lifetime of memories!

Each potential hire is carefully screened, personally interviewed and individually evaluated on their ability to serve as a role model for children. Positive references and background checks are required. Before camp begins a 40 hours camp orientation and training program prepares new and returning staff for their summer experience. Throughout the summer, staff are continuously trained, evaluated and provided with feedback designed to enhance their performance.

Each Unit is closely supervised by an adult Unit Head and Head Counselor who oversee the day-to-day activities of campers and staff and ensures a safe and successful environment for everyone. These staff members are typically teachers, student teachers and parents from the community – many of whom have campers of their own at Camp JCC.



Each year, Camp JCC recognizes its outstanding staff through the R. Andrew Helgeson Heart of Gold Recognition Program. Andrew was an exemplary young man who passed away in 2005, just prior to his high school graduation, from sudden cardiac arrest. His kindness, warmth, joy for life, and love for the campers at Camp JCC were remarkable.

To honor Andrew’s memory, his family established the R. Andrew Helgeson Heart of Gold Recognition Program which recognizes those counselors who exhibit outstanding effort and mirror his character.

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