Bender JCC School of Dance Policies


The Bender School of Dance has been carefully planned to provide each student quality instruction in a warm and creative environment. Emphasis will be placed on the development of technique and musicality while improving coordination, confidence, discipline, perseverance, grace, and poise allowing each student to complete the program with the feeling of personal success.


Important information is published in the Bender JCC Program Guide, posted on the website and on the Bender School of Dance bulletin board outside the dance studio and e-mailed to you. Please make sure you notify us of changes in address or e-mail. We need your updated e-mail address!

Snow/Inclement Weather

Please check the Bender JCC website or sign up for text messaging to find out if we have Dance class on that day.


In order to progress at a student’s best rate, regular attendance is very important. Students must come to class on time, dressed in class uniform and ready to dance. 80% attendance or better is required for participation in the Spring Dance Performances. The three (3) classes preceding a concert performance ARE MANDATORY.  Lack of consistent training and proper warm-up at the beginning of class can cause injuries. Students over 10 minutes late for class will be asked to sit and observe. Students may be excused from class due to illness, injury, a graduation of a family member, funerals of close relatives, and college visits. If a student is sick or unable to attend class, they, or a parent, must contact the Dance Director at 301-348-3777 or email us here.  Make sure to include the student’s name, class level, and a reason for absence in the message to the Dance Director.


The Bender School of Dance offers classes in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, hip-hop, yoga and theater arts.  Classes are open for members and non-members and listed on the dance page. Register online or at the Bender JCC front desk. Early registration is recommended, as class size is limited. A minimum is required. Students desiring registration after the start of the semester must consult with the School of Dance Director.

Tuition Policies

Enrollment in the School of Dance is on a yearly basis for most dance classes, semester basis for our Tots/Preschool classes and Session basis(6 to 8 weeks) for our Adult classes. Tuition is payable at the time of registration and must be paid prior to attending classes. Payment Plan is available for yearly dance classes.  Adult classes are available for drop-in options.  Registration is always open. In order to register late, please contact the Director of the School of Dance at 301-348-.3777 or email us to discuss possible tuition adjustments.

Studio Etiquette

We ask that all parents and students respect our studio by following our rules:

  • RESPECT your teachers, studio staff, and each other.
  • Be Ready to Dance at 5 minutes before class is scheduled to start.
  • ONLY teachers, students, and assistants are allowed in the dance studio during class time.
  • DO NOT bring food into studios. This includes gum. Water is allowed. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.
  • Students are expected to look like dancers.  Hair and dress apparel are to be neat when entering the studio.  Please refer to the studio’s dress code for your particular discipline
  • Please leave all valuables at home. Bender JCC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Dancers are expected to BE RESPECTFUL of studio property and clean up after themselves.

Dress Requirements

Dance Dress Requirements

All dancers are required to wear appropriate clothing into and around the building. This includes a cover-up for dancers of all ages and proper footwear. Dance shoes (including sneakers worn for Hip Hop classes) should never be worn outside.


All young ladies must wear their hair in a bun. If dancer’s hair is shorter than chin length, a headband may be worn. Bangs and “whispies” should be controlled with hairspray, gel, and/or barrettes, as needed.

All male dancers must have their hair out of their face. If a male dancer’s hair is longer than chin length, it must be worn in a low, tight pony tail.


No jewelry is permitted with the exception of small stud-earrings. Any other type of jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc.) could be a hazard or distraction while dancing.


Girls: Leotard (any color), pink footed tights (convertible allowed), pink ballet shoes with the elastics sewn to shoes.  NO SHIRTS OR SHORTS.  Ballet skirts are allowed. Ballet skirts must be attached to leotard for our Preschool/Tot Dancers.  Hair must be in a bun (secured by a hairnet), no bangs.

Boys: Fitted Tank Top or Leotard (any SOLID color), Black Tights or Fitted Jazz Pants, Black or White Ballet Shoes.  Black required for the Recital.


Girls: Fitted Tank top or leotard (any SOLID color).  Top must cover midriff completely.  Black Jazz Pants or Shorts.  Tan Tights must be worn with shorts. NO SHIRTS.  Tan split-sole, slip-on jazz shoes for all Jazz classes.

Boys: Tank Top or Tshirt (any SOLID color), Black Jazz Pants or Capri length.  Black Slip on Jazz shoes.


Girls: Fitted Tank top or leotard (any SOLID color).  Top must cover midriff completely.  Black Jazz Pants or Shorts.  Tan Tights must be worn with shorts. NO SHIRTS.  Tan Dance Paws, Foot Thongs or Bare feet.  Hair must be in a bun (secured by a hairnet), no bangs.

Boys: Tank Top or T-shirt (any SOLID color), Black Jazz Pants or Capri length.  Tan Dance Paws, Foot Thongs or Bare feet.


Any color leotard or tee-shirt(SOLID COLOR), Athletic pants, shorts or Jazz pants.  Black full-sole tap shoes (lace up preferred)

Boys: Tank Top or T-shirt  (any SOLID color), Black Jazz Pants or Capri length.   Black full-sole tap shoes (lace up preferred)

Street Jazz/Hip Hop

Any color leotard or tee-shirt.  Athletic pants, shorts or Jazz pants.  Athletic sneakers (intended to be worn for dance ONLY) or Black Hip Hop sneaker.

After the first 3 weeks of each term, students not conforming to the studio’s dress code will be asked to observe the class.